Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement is the practice of learning yourself as movement, of learning how to be awake, sensing yourself more clearly, generating a potent self full of possibilities, creative energy, graceful movement, and uninhibited thinking.

Because Awareness Through Movement is incredibly diverse, with thousands of unique lessons to explore and move through, it can be a challenge to pin down just what it is. In fact, one of the most important tenets is that you yourself must sense and know by your own capability what it is you do.

IMG_1012Each lesson is around 45 minutes and there is no demonstration, or comparison between students. I will observe and conduct the instructional aspect of the lesson while you explore, sense, integrate, and enact the lesson itself in a way you permit and find suitable.

One lesson you may explore the ease with which the shoulder blades slide along the back of the ribs, and how they are affected by the way you think about them.

One lesson you may discover a wide range of possibilities for pleasant, full, breathing in any number of positions.

You might learn how your head rests on your spine, and discover a more pleasant alternative.

You might discover how to uncover, or recall a pattern of moving, feeling and thinking that allows you to leave behind the pain you brought in that day.

You might learn the differences between your 2 eyes, the proclivities of your tongue, the habits of your thinking, your favorite rib, how you sense where you start and stop, the difference between the right and left lungs, how the rib cage is no cage at all, what the tail bone requires of the ankles, the lowest note you can hit, what is involved in smiling, how to lie more comfortably, walk more comfortably, sit more comfortably, the intimacies of your curving spine, all the ways you differ between the two sides, what your attitude has to do with movement, what your movement has to do with thinking, what your thinking has to do with sensing, where you can use less energy to do more, how you like to use your knees, which hip joint is more dexterous, or, your favorite toes to interlace. You might discover the endless source of inquiry, pleasure, and possibility that is you.

In fact this is a small sampling of what you might learn practicing Awareness Through Movement, and all your discoveries can change your approach to any and all of the things you do in your life. Awareness Through Movement is a practice that can improve curiosity, intelligence and vigor, not to mention your own pleasure and skill in moving, and remember, you’re always moving.

Classes are for all ages and skill ranges. You will suit the lesson to suit yourself. I am currently practicing with National Ultimate Frisbee Champions, 90 plus year old retirees, many different kinds of people, and nobody just like you.

Come to learn just like you.